Sunday, May 2, 2010

I graduated!

I have finally graduated on April 24th 2010!
Art Center has awarded me with an honors term which they pick one person out of the whole graduating class to come back and take a full tuition free term. Although I graduated, I will be going back to Art Center for one more FUNnn term :D

There were lots of questions and uncertainties with putting up my grad wall. Although I was given one of the best wall space, it had a 8ft long and 2ft tall window right on the eye level. My grad wall was not designed with that in mind...and so the dilemma began. After talking to councilors, wood shop professionals, teachers, fellow students, and visiting three hardware stores, I've decided to build myself a whole new wall.

Lots of thanks to everyone who made this grad wall happen esp. Tom, Eddie, Cindy, Eric, and the guys from Art Center Facilities!

This me, my family and Piglet in a tux. Ah how cute he is.

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